The Hotel for You and Your Car

Park, Bed and Breakfast in Pasay carries the distinction of being the first true motorist hotel in the Philippines.

True to our brand, we offer services you won’t find in other Pasay hotels. These include car care and travel assistance. Taking good care of your car is just part of the package. We also offer comfortable accommodation and equally convenient amenities at reasonable prices.

With such unique offerings, there’s no better place to pull over and get that much-deserved break than at Park, Bed and Breakfast.

Affordable Comfort

Relax in our Pasay hotel’s rooms, which are furnished with smart amenities like Internet access and cable TV. While you rest, know that your car is parked safely in the room’s private garage. All these conveniences are at a price you can afford.

Simple Yet Efficient

Our services and amenities may be basic, but they provide topnotch efficiency. The business center is well-equipped to meet the needs of traveling executives, while room service at Park, Bed and Breakfast is prompt and friendly.

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